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Ready For The Floor

Jessica Suarez
Jessica Suarez
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Ready For The Floor

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…is nearly perfect, right now. My friend Feng-Feng celebrated her birthday this weekend and asked me to DJ for a bit at the restaurant. I turned a simple task into something very complicated, but I learned to use Ableton to beat match, stretch warp points, and make loops too. I used Hot Chip’s “Ready For The Floor” for this, and, though I played it dozens of times this week, i find myself still listening today.

What makes this song so appealing, even though Hot Chip have lots of better, if not as immediately pop-catchy songs? I think it might be the softness of singer Alexis Taylor’s voice. All of “Ready For The Floor” is soft vowels, soft vocals, and soft palate consonants, non plosives.

It might have also helped that I slowed the song to 120 BPM (my favorite BPM number) on Saturday. The remix is painfully slow and torchy, but the original at 120 is. Perfect.



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