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Pitchfork Music Festival

Jessica Suarez
Jessica Suarez
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Pitchfork Music Festival

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Mark and I’s trip to Pitchfork Festival started out terrible, got worse, then got better, then got worse, then ended great. Thanks for the memories:

1-Arriving tired and with bags still in hand just in time to miss Man Man (making a liar out of me), Destroyer, Art Brut and the Mountain Goats, but seeing the festival grounds for the first time and the loads of kids in tight gym shorts.

2-Watching Matmos make their album on stage. The floor had rose petals on it.

3-The Futureheads’ wall of harmony making it impossible to watch without earplugs.

4-Free water, beer, ice cream, and snacks is ultimately why I applied to write news for Pitchfork over a year ago.

5-Talking about tattoos with Derek and watching some crazy dude a few seats away laugh like a meth head at everything we said.

6-Locking ourselves out of Marcel’s master bedroom, which meant sleeping on the floor with no sheets. Picking the lock the next day with a credit card.

7- Day two: Missing Tapes ‘N Tapes but catching Danielson, then, afterwards, watching Daniel Smith walk around in the most dad-like outfit ever (collared shirt, tan shorts, black socks pulled high, loafers).

8- Jens Lekman playing with an all-female backing back like some sort of Euro Robert Palmer.

9- Lead singer of CSS stagediving, falling down twice, after the lead singer of Bonde Do Role just broke her arm jumping into the crowd on the same stage.

10- Devendra Banhart talking about how white the festival was, drinking burbon on stage, dancing topless to Os Mutantes later on.

11-Fred Armisen at every single show.

12-Possibly Nick Zinner in a sun hat???

13-Watching Ryan tackle Mark behind the Connector stage.

14-Meeting staffers that I’d only emailed before. Sightings of legendary Pitchfork staffers

15 – Getting free whiskeys and cokes then punching Ryan in the chest as way of saying “Thanks for putting on a good festival”

16 – Getting home w/o worrying about cancelled flights, missed connections, work.

EDIT: I just fixed maybe 10 bad spelling errors in that.



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