Crypto guy

Crypto Twitter can be incomprehensible to outsiders — it’s almost its own fan culture, with Elon Musk at its head. In June 2021 I created a Twitter account that mimics the voice of a Profound Crypto Expert, using GPT-3 to generate buzzwordy but meaningless “thoughts of the day.” His profile picture comes from This Person Does Not Exist, which uses AI to generate totally plausible profile photos. My goal is to get him booked for a podcast or a Crypto conference.

Block the Vote

I spent my winter break after the 2016 election creating a chatbot that would serve up contact information for any US senator. The bot was also designed to soothe the user by commiserating with them and offering some CBT tips to help their anxiety.

Infinite Test

In April 2013 I became obsessed with using APIs to post content across different social media platforms. I realized that with the right intervals, one message could potentially bounce around the internet long after I died. “Infinite Test existed as a Facebook page, a WordPress blog, and a Twitter feed, and it ran from 2013 until 2019 — when the API service I used turned on their subscription model.

I’m Untouchable Bitch

In December 2011 Lifetime began running ads for their true crime original movie “Drew Peterson: Untouchable.” The entire movie trailer leads up to the moment Rob Low (as Drew Peterson) says “I’m untouchable bitch.” I created a one-shot website with this moment on a permanent loop.