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In the liner notes

Jessica Suarez
Jessica Suarez
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In the liner notes

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A couple weeks ago I logged into 43Things, a goal-tracking website, for the first time in a year or so. I was happy to see I had achieved some of the goals I wrote down then, happy to see others (try the world’s hottest hot sauce? I’ve tried the 7th hottest, thanks Arizona), and surprised to see this one: “get a credit or thank you on an album’s liner notes.”

I am not sure why this goal was so important to me two years ago. I think then I was still in fan mode, excited to talk to bands, eager to have them acknowledge me. When I wrote for the college paper in Tucson, people I interviewed would invite me to ‘say hello’ at the show, and I would. I used to love doing this. The intervening two years have really driven this out of me, because it’s a job now, etc. etc., and having to interview a few people a week really drives the excitement out of it.

Anyway I did ‘achieve’ this ‘goal’ this year, Man Man thanked me (and 100+ other people) on their CD. I’ve talked, at too much length, about how much I like them. And I like their new CD actually better than the last now, so that helps as well.

Next up is world’s hottest hot sauce, which is probably around 6,000,000 Scovilles. That’s the same heat as eating pepper spray. I once convinced a kid to touch a tiny chili from our home garden, then touch his eye when I was in elementary school. His eye turned bright red and he cried. So I’ll probably deserve whatever pain 6,000,000 Scolville units causes.

[audio:https://jessicasuarez.com/audio/man_man-top_drawer.mp3|titles=Top Drawer|artists=Man Man]



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