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FTW--I still love Radiohead

Jessica Suarez
Jessica Suarez
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FTW--I still love Radiohead

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I’ve been listening to (nearly) all Radiohead since my four-hour Thom Yorke dream. This band is really, really great. And I realized I’ve never had to articulate my feelings about Radiohead, because Radiohead reviews/interviews are reserved for better critics than me. I’ve never been able to articulate my love of Radiohead outside of my job either. When Kid A came out I was 19 year old, and instead of writing about it or talking about it like a smart person, I spray painted a three-foot Kid A bear on my studio apartment wall:


And then got this on my wrist:


I thought these were appropriate ways of saying you like an album. Not like, writing reviews or books about them or going to see shows. Someday I’ll outgrow these ways of showing I like an album/band, and find something else.

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