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Deerhunter, Neptune and The Fugue at Kingsland Tavern

Jessica Suarez
Jessica Suarez
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Deerhunter, Neptune and The Fugue at Kingsland Tavern

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Deerhunter, Neptune, The Fugue

Kingsland Tavern
December 17 2005

Biggest bummer next to an AIDS Wolf is AIDS Wolf not even showing. The band was held up at the border and didn’t make their Friday night show (though�???isn’t there an underground railroad for Montreal bands yet?). It’s a shame because AIDS Wolf hold titles for best band name, best publicity photo, and cause of the first two, most pubes per square centimeter.

The Fugue had a pudgy Snagglepuss of a lead singer, who writhed on the floor and got naked in one of those spontaneous stage shows that he woke up knowing he was going to perform, mic looped through boxers and all. Despite that I kind of liked his fifthly energy.

When Neptune pulled out their rusted guns – homemade guitars welded from heavy metal, fretboards that ended in flesh-piercable crescents�???guy from the Fugue said out loud that the guitars could give you hepatitis. Still waiting for Hepatitis Wolf.

Edit: Sorry, no talk of Deerhunter. But there is this press photo for AIDS Wolf—-