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Wolf Eyes, Pig Destroyer, Man Man

Jessica Suarez
Jessica Suarez
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Wolf Eyes, Pig Destroyer, Man Man

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Oh, hello. A few updates:

My review of Man Man’s Six Demon Bag is up on PopMatters right now. Interview with the band for Pitchfork coming soon. I had brunch with Man Man a couple weeks ago, then interviewed them last week. I think they’re probably one of my favorite interviews ever.

I saw Pig Destroyer and Wolf Eyes last week with Brandon Stosuy and Chris Weingarten, two dudes with beards. Pig Destroyer played first, with sound/noise artist Jessica Rylan and another female noise musician, though I don’t know her name. The most interesting thing about watching them play was the sort of masculine poses they formed over their boxes and amps. Her partner, especially, was on her knees, curled over an amp, running a mic over its surface and pushing against it to manipulate its sound. It was so dominant and tough. The second most interesting thing was watching longhairs try to mosh while taking digital photos for their blogs. What’s happened to metal?

A lil’ thing I wrote about the We Are Scientists Bowery show was quoted on their news page, which also linked back to my blog. Scroll down and read all the comments I’ve been getting from their young and tender fan base. They’re really funny.

Finally, everyone should read my friend Bizzy’s great article on mustache documentarian Jay Della Valle as well as bearded Brandon Stosuy’s interview with Xiu Xiu on NYFA Interactive.