I’ve been listening to this song and watching the video over and over again to try to figure out what I like about it. Because what I don’t like about it is easy to figure out, one listen in. There’s no chorus to this song. I mean, there is a “chorus,” but really there’s more the anticipation of a real chorus, and it’s frustrating when you get halfway through and realize that it will never get to the big burst you’ve been waiting for.

But I still like it. The little cry and drum pattern open this song up so well (and set you up for disappointment, too, I guess). Solange Knowles has this sweetness other singers don’t have. Lots of them play coy, pretend they want you to like them. But for whatever reason (probably a lifetime of validation, I’m guessing), they assume you like them. But this video makes me think Solange is making a genuine play to get your approval, that she wants to charm you.

I think that’s where my like actually comes from. I’ve seen other people describe this song’s great “vibe.” The thing is, this song is all “vibe” — all charm and fun and hanging out and awkward dancing and awkward phrasing (“I’m not the one that you should be making your enemy” begs for a red pen) and Instagram washes. All of this is begging, sweetly begging, for one moment of melody and confidence, but it just doesn’t get there. So it relies entirely on moods, feelings, vibes, adjectives. I’ll give it another one: promising.