A couple weeks ago I was doing a little lite self-Googling when I found a new link on my website: Viagra UK. I clicked on it — I mean, how could you not? And it brought me to a Canadian-based online pharmacy. I had been hacked with the Pharma hack. This hack is particularly vicious because it only works when you click on a link from Google, and it only works on certain links. I think it had been coming. I hadn’t updated my blog in a while, hadn’t updated the WordPress installation. My plug-in folder was a mess.

Normally I’m very good about solving WordPress problems myself. My first attempt at installing WordPress took 18 hours. It sucked, but I stuck with it. I couldn’t solve this one on my own, though. This hack it affects your template, your database, vulnerable plug-ins. So I hired someone via the Internet — I think he’s in the UK — to fix the persistent hack for an ammount of money I will miss for awhile. His name is Neil, and I recommend him. He cleaned it all up and then resubmitted my website to Google. I am, as of this week, Viagra-free.

Anyway, this is all to say I am going to start posting in this blog again. I’ve got to make the whole hack-to-not-hack thing worth it.

And please let me know if I turn into a Viagra sales-lady again.