Another mix! Here’s the tracklist:

Sistol “On The Bright Side”
Wolf Gang “Back To Back”
Psychobuildings “No Man’s Land”
Thread Pulls “Weight”
Lay Bac “Stay Out Tonight”
Computer Magic “Hiding From Our Time”
Botany “Waterparker”
Gold Panda “Same Dream China”
North Highlands “Steady Steady”

The transitions are much more abrupt this time, because I wanted to use all these songs but the tempos were all over the place (from like, 75 bpm to 150 bpm). That Wolf Gang song is my favorite, thought it came out earlier this year. I added in an extra beat and sped it up more than it should be, because Mark heard the faster version first and said he preferred it when I tried to slow it back down. Great song either way. I had on the playlist I was working from (before I laid the whole thing out) playing in the background when people were over for Mad Men, and four people asked what that song was. Kind of a big deal, considering they were mesmerized by my Halo game at the same time. I really like all these songs, but that Wolf Gang song is the kind of song you hear and then go home and tell your roommate you met someone new.