— A state/country/etc is made up of people, not (just/only) ideas. Thinking every Arizonan supports this is like thinking I supported my high school’s football team just because I went there.
— Many counties (including my old home county, Pima County in Tucson) is and has voted consistently liberal.
— Tucson is usually voted or chosen as one of the best cities for lesbians to move to in the US. It’s liberal. It’s tolerant. Probably still! Even if you are a Latina lesbian.
— Of course I — like a lot of my NY-via-AZ friends, moved here for a reason (better jobs/culture/dated everyone in Tucson already). But Arizona’s not the land of “rednecks and racists” (now I can’t find the link to the Village Voice column), any more than NY is the land of gays and Jews.
— If you want to scare Arizona’s liberals into action, tell them the lesbians are leaving, don’t tell them Stars is leaving. Stars should be the “and others” in that Tweet. Not the headlining boycott act.
— Stars and other Canadian bands not coming to Arizona to boycott is really only going to bother people who wanted to see them (generally, I think, not people who are also out there fighting for this law. Indie and democrat sort of go together, right?)
“We have a black president and you do not. So, shut up.” (Out of context, doesn’t really apply, but what a great song, right?)

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