A publicist invited me to Rufus Wainwright’s semi-secret show earlier this month, and I was so excited I sent her this unnecessary Rufus Wainwright anecdote:

When I was 17 he came to perform at a club attached to a hotel in Tucson, Arizona, opening for Lisa Loeb. I was too young to get in to see him play, so I skipped school and just waited all day until he arrived at the venue. When he showed up he was really, really surprised to find out he had a fan in Tucson and was so kind to me, asked questions about what I wanted to do when I was out of high school, what Tucson was like, etc. And he signed this postcard from the hotel lobby for me. I told him I thought I’d never get out of Tucson and I remember he said, “You can do whatever you want, honey.” He was the first musician I’ve ever met, and still the nicest.

from Posterous