I’m finally recovered from my wisdom teeth surgery. The event itself wasn’t so bad, because I was under “twilight sleep” where I was told I would experience “no pain or no memory of pain.” Obviously the first one is the better one. I think that’s what I got–I immediately fell asleep or fell into a trance state or whatever, because one minute I was talking to the doctor, and the next I had two giant holes in my mouth stuffed with gauze.

I spent the last week sitting on the couch, trying to work on Vicodin. Vicodin makes records sounds better, but makes writing a lot worse. By Wednesday my cheeks had exploded, and I had big nasty bruises down both sides of my face. My doctor said he was surprised I could even come in for a followup. My teeth had to be smashed out, and they had to cut away a part of my jawbone, because my mouth is too small.

Anyway, so that’s where the blog name comes from.