I have 28 unanswered Facebook friend requests from people I don’t know. They’re nearly all Asian and live in Asia, so I’d expect them to have lots of Asian friends. But, weirdly, they seem to only have friends that are Asian girls. Sometimes hundreds and hundreds of them. My name doesn’t sound Asian, so I guess they’re just going through pages and pages of girls, hitting ‘add’ on anyone that looks Asian.

Here are some screen shots:

Here’s Hendra.


And here’s Hendra’s top friends. Sidenote: Thin Jessie would be a sweet nickname.


It looks like Ken might have a kid.


But that won’t stop him from getting to a 1,000 Asian girls.


Brian Giga looks like an Asian Crispin Glover.


His friends look like Asian girls. Even Max has lady glasses. Also, Owen is such a good girl’s name.


No idea if he’s Asian.



Is anyone else getting Facebook racial profiled? I should change my Facebook photo to this old picture of me. My friend said I looked “very Japanese” here, whatever that means: