It’s not lost on me at all that tonight, instead of working on some writing, I should be putting the last minute touches on my Harry Potter costume and seeing the Half-Blood Prince at midnight. Actually, I would have been in line at the iMax theater already (I waited in line for six hours or so for Star Wars Episode III). Instead, I’ll be seeing Twilight on Saturday, which is a movie I know nothing about except that it’s got its own nerdy following and stars the kid who plays Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and the Goblet Of Fire.

I think Warner Brothers moving Half-Blood Prince means I’ll only have more time to either create my Harry Potter costume, or to rethink my promise to dress in full wizard wear. Nate promised to go full-costume too, while Mark promised to not look me in the eye or walk next to me so people won’t know we’re together. The idea of showing up full wiz is just so hilarious to me, though. I know people go their whole lives dressing up for movies and stuff–Mark and I bummed a light from two middle-aged Jedis while waiting for Star Wars–but it’s not my world. I just wanna visit. So I guess I’ll see We Are Wizards this weekend too.