No crap, guys. Sometime last year Amrit asked me if I watched Gossip Girl. He looked really sad when I said I did not, so I thought I’d get into it this season. I love this show, and I’m not sure why. I watched 90210 and Melrose Place when they were on but I’ve since moved on to better TV (Six Feet Under, Frasier, MSNBC, the Pick-Up Artist), not more soap operas. But I care, very deeply about what happens to Chuck Bass. Also, although I disliked Juno’s and Garden State’s alt-kid pandering, I really don’t mind when Gossip Girl is all like “GAWKER!” “RIZ-DEE!” “NEW YORK MAGAZINE DOESN’T USUALLY PUBLISH FICTION.” I’m usually like “This show gets me.” It’s like the aspirational-ness of 90210 found my Google Reader account. It’s like Chuck Bass is both Steve Sanders and Dylan McKay. Does “The Economy” has an effete badboy? Alan Greenspan doesn’t count.

Gossip Girl Now More Important Than the Economy – FishbowlNY