Watch worst-interviewer-in-the-world/Pitchfork staff writer Jessica Suarez interview the Black Keys in their hotel room. It is fairly entertaining to see how high they are. If you need an example, they take the people in Oprah’s life and assign them roles as McDonald’s characters. MP3 below.-It Fits Good


I never get a lot of writing-related hate mail, and when I do it is mostly from superfans offended over a single mediocre review. I’ve responded to maybe four of them since I started. But this irked me because I’m proud of most of the interviews I’ve done. I’ve salvaged even the worst ones, really loved and cherished the best ones. Now, the Black Keys thing was awkward, I know. What you don’t see in the interview is an hour of “yes” and “no” answers to all my music-related questions. So, the editors cut it and kept in all the tangents and non-sequiturs. It was smart and kind of the staff. I was, of course, a lot less awkward in my Mastodon / Neurosis interview, though most of my questions were cut out to keep the “bands talking to each other” concept consistent.

The above blog doesn’t have any comments except for three people pitching their bands. I don’t want to link to it because I don’t see much point. But for my vanity, here are some of my favorite past interviews:

Kevin Blechdom – Pitchfork Media
Feist – Pitchfork Media
Beck – Nylon (um, I have a clip, no link online though)
Clipse – CMJ New Music Monthly (online somewhere, also in PDF form on my work page)
Gnarls Barkley – CMJ New Music Report (One of my first in-person interviews, Cee-lo called my boots ‘crazy’ — ZANG!)
Islands – Pitchfork Media
Man Man – Pitchfork Media (of course)
Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson – Paper Thin Walls

Pitchfork is one of the few places that I’ve done long Q&A’s for. Another place was Rhino online. I had a great new Linda Ronstadt to transcribe. She’s famously brusk but we got along wonderfully. Then my laptop was stolen. Tragedy.

Note: I didn’t say this was the worst blog in the world, because LIKE ANYONE CAN EVEN KNOW THAT. But, I probably do, I have a lot of RSS feeds.