It seems like ever since I got my iPhone (installed the WordPress application), I haven’t had much to blog about. I am working, as usual (here’s a new Hallelujah The Hills EP review. I like this band but I’m still waiting for…something. I don’t know. Their moment’s forthcoming).

On Paper Thin Walls, editors Chris, Kory and I recorded our own version of Deerhoof’s sheet music project. Writer Tom Mallon produced it! My Ableton Live was set wrong (still on DJ mode, which means it warped the beat a little bit), so it meant my keyboard track was almost 10 seconds too fast. Tom kindly recut it. I had never recorded anything to a track before on Ableton. I kind of loved it. I might have to do more of that soon.

That’s also gotten me thinking about projects and dividing up my time. I use GTD, I do a lot of checklists and time tracking. But I’m still wondering how I could better spend my time. I’m spending the rest of the month asking people I know how they read / write / curate shows and exhibits / get to shows so much and still exercize / make dinner / have time to answer questions from me.