But it’s the jury duty of the future because there’s Wifi. And two outlets. The girl sitting across from me was pretty rude about giving me the other outlet, but I think that she is jealous of having to balance a big, precarious Macbook on her lap, while my eee pc sits perfectly on one leg. She also has long curly hair. I dislike her. I hope we aren’t on a jury together, because I feel I will argue against whatever position she takes. She has next to her a book that I saw four other ladies reading on the subway this morning. I won’t say what  book, but I think ladies read it exclusively.

They are showing MSNBC here, which is very comforting to me because 80% of the TV I watch is MSNBC (the rest is Fox).

I am disappointed in my choice of images, so here is another:

Edit: A police officer just took away my digital camera. I forgot I had it on me, but they noticed it the second time I went through security.