I am working outside of my apartment today because I’ve been watching MSNBC too often, for election news and for breaking updates on overturned school buses. Why have there been so many overturned school buses lately? Are there really more than usual? Or did MSNBC decide to add it to the list of stories that qualify as breaking, next to the usual school evacuations, bad car accidents, and gunman chases that usual break into the national news?


This is the computer that lets me leave the house easily. I also have a Macbook that I love, but the EEE PC makes it really easy to keep a laptop with you all the time, which, admittedly, is also a problem in itself. The computer is about 10 inches across and lighter than the Macbook Air. It fits in my handbag.

It runs on Linux and has a large, devoted community around it. I secretly read a ton of tech/GTD/lifehack sites that talked about this computer, but the first place I saw it was Vogue’s (November?) issue. It is the only thing I’ve purchased after reading about it in Vogue, though I almost bought a Marc Jacobs apple charm. I took the EEE with me to Oslo, and it worked perfectly in every airport along the way. I interrupted a Bios update on my last night in Norway. This made the EEE freeze up before the log in screen, making my last night pretty stressful– I thought I had bricked it. But after I reloaded the Bios and returned it to the factory install, it worked perfectly.

So: I use Linux terminal commands and subscribe to Vogue. I think that’s a rare combination.