Two short profiles of M. Ward and Emily Haines, in the last and current issues of Paste (along with a couple of reviews in the former). Paste is becoming my favorite place to write for (next to Pitchfork, because nothing beats hate mail), and I’m not just saying that because my editor there reads and comments on my entries.

Also, some short reviews in Paper and something for Resonance. I don’t have much coming up, because I’ve been doing more at CMJ, and trying to catch up with stuff on the Pitchfork and Paper Thing Walls side.

I’m working on a singles review of the Women Take Back The Noise comp. Playing around with the packaging over the last two nights, Mark and I discovered that Tobey hates noise. He doesn’t seem to mind the playing, but the making. Proof. Check the glockenspiel moneyshot at the end. I found it in the trash a few month ago, and I can play the opening eight notes of “Chicago” by Sufjan Stevens and “Be Gentle With Me” by Boy Least Likely To.

Also, I’ve been reading a lot of this blog over the last two days. It belongs to Sean Nelson, whom I talked to for a story last week, and whom I possibly offended by calling the interview ‘funny and sad’. Anyway. His blog is ostensibly about music but is a lot more personal than most music writers’ blogs (and yes, it’s funny and sad too). I should know better than to keep favorite interviews locked away in (senti)mental files, but whatever. This one can sit next to the Unicorns, Man Man, Danielson, and Feist.

Finally: Tobey