It’s pretty boring to only talk about stories I’ve done, things I have coming out. Etc. Some of it will be okay, and other things will be better.

Mostly, I’d like to talk about the moment when albums finally pop. Do other people have this? It goes where you listen to an album for however long-on headphones, in your room, at your computer, then one day the music and lyrics and artist turn 3D like the pages of a pop up book and you can get closer to the album, know its shapes and colors. I’m not talking about, say, listening to a love song and being in love and recognising that in the song. Maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about, because I’m pretty green at this whole writing-about-music-thing. But anyway it’s a great moment, and this year’s moments have been with Man Man, Danielson and Sufjan Stevens. I guess that isn’t a lot for being through almost half the year, but it’s a slow process.