christmas singers on bedfordchristmas singers on bedford
I should put ‘digital camera’ on my Amazon Wish List

Christmas Singers
Bedford Ave and North 7
Dec. 23

After finishing a tough day of last minute errands before I go to Chicago tomorrow (to visit and to go to Pitchfork’s 10.0 New Year’s Show), I came out of the Bedford stop and heard this group of jokers playing a variation of “The Twelve Days Of Christmas” on drums and xylophone. They were sort of like Animal Collective, if AC were homeless Christmas carolers. At the end of their song one of the singers said, “If you like what you hear come visit…” — come visit what? Their blog? Their myspace? “…our can!” She pointed to their coffee can of dollar bills. And so this Christmas, I’m thankful for bands without myspace sites, blogs, fuck, even instruments. Of course I recorded a bit of the show and took bad pictures, so I could sign them up on myspace.

Christmas Singers
On Bedford
(beep noises from my cell phone as I took the above pics)