I wasn’t an employee of CMJ this past September when the Music Marathon was happening, nor did I have a badge, but I was still able to see a good number of shows through various forms of luck, trickery, guestlisting and revealing clothing.

The best show combo was seeing Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (courtesy of Ryan Schreiber) then stumbling out and making it to the basement of Cake Shop just in time to see Les Savy Fav play a secret show. I hate just describing shows, but I don’t feel like I can write about the music, LSF live vs. on record, or anything except the most basic feelings/physical sensations/etc. It was hot. Everyone was sweaty and excited. Les Savy Fav were good. You should have been there. And (of course) one of the best shows, ever.

Since you probably were not there, Sony/Vice have downloads of the show available here. Download and have a listen while staring at the picture above, maybe while also pouring salt down your throat and turning your blow dryer on your face. Now it’s like you were there. Add to that slight feelings of embarrassment and nervousness at standing somewhat close to a certain person, and it’s like you’re me there.