Something about me (short)

Currently at Google Play Music, formerly Songza, MTV Hive, Stereogum, Pitchfork.


Something about me (long) 

I started in music editorial — writing, assigning, and editing pieces for Pitchfork, Stereogum, MTV Hive, Paper Thin Walls. I also wrote music pieces for Spin, NPR, Thirteen, Nylon, The Fader, and a bunch of websites and magazine that have since closed.

Now I work at Google, where I was making playlists and managing US content until I became a product specialist. If you’d like to listen to some playlists I’ve curated, I recommend Rich Girl Pop, Every Summer Dance Party, and Girl Hold My Earrings.

Outside of music I’m interested in the Knicks, Harry Potter, funeral customs, and religious cults. I love my Fujifilm xt100 and watching movies.


2086: My blood sensors detect first body death, the machine learning model that identifies as “Jessica” LOLs.

2016: Switched from managing content to working on product ideas

2014: Google buys Songza, I started working at Google.

2013: Left MTV Hive for Songza.

2011: Left Stereogum, moved to MTV Hive.

2010: Started working at Stereogum and VH1.

2009: Hustled.

2008: PTW closed shop, freelanced full time.

2007: Quit Pitchfork staff job, started working at Paper Thin Walls.

2006: Quit CMJ, started working at Pitchfork full-time.

2005: Moved to New York. Started working at CMJ.

2004: Graduated college. Started writing news for Pitchfork.

2001: Got a tattoo. Adopted Tobey.

2000: Moved into my first apartment.

1999: Graduated High School.

1994: My brother Jai was born. Moved to Tucson, Arizona.

1992: Moved to Hampton Roads, Virginia. Adopted a dog.

1987: Moved from New Jersey to Panama City, Florida

1981: Born in New Jersey.